Covid’s Impact on Social Media Marketing

May 2, 2020 2:29 pm

By Abe Disu

The world is watching: How D2C Brands can leverage the surge of content consumption correctly.

Businesses and brands across the world are coming to terms with the fact that daily practices and plans have drastically changed for the foreseeable future. More people than ever are online and working from home. It’s essential to navigate the new climate in such a way that your brand leverages the new influx of online activity while adapting campaigns correctly.

In general, influencer marketing has an 11X higher ROI than traditional advertising. We already see that number go up as daily social media consumption rapidly increases.

According to a March 2-27 2020 study done by Neilsen, 66% of users are spending more time watching video more than ever before on social media. 

More than a third of the world’s population is currently under self-quarantine and necessary social distancing, that’s much digital consumption.

Of course, just because there are more eyes on online content doesn’t mean brands should blast audiences with campaigns. Brands must be smart and tasteful in the tone of the content they release. More than ever, it’s essential to respectfully build and publish materials that are authentic and dialed into audiences’ needs.

But radio silence isn’t productive either. Social engagement hasn’t paused, and neither should your brand. Remaining silent can be interpreted just as negatively as acting as though it’s “business as usual.” It’s all a matter of pivoting campaigns and  responding to your audience rather than “selling.”

Question: How can brands tastefully release digital content to stimulate business during these uncertain times?

Answer: Through social listening and influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing allows brands and companies to build camaraderie with their ideal audience. Use a social listening tool to see what kind of content your audience is already responding to positively, then connect with influencers and join the conversation.

Finally, influencer marketing provides brands with an opportunity to create a personal touch, at scale, for a relatively low cost that you can’t get any other way. By hiring influencers to release tasteful content, you’re staying relevant in the competitive landscape, increasing your reach, and building your business. Not to mention, you can feel good about stimulating the economy as well.


We believe that everything related to the Coronavirus will be a catalyst for further eCommerce and video creation growth throughout 2020 and beyond. eCom penetration as a percentage of total retail is still quite small in the US, at just 11%. Whereas in China it’s almost 37%.

When fears related to Coronavirus calm down, and everyone gets more accustomed to staying at home, overall shopping behavior will normalize. But those shopping trends will be almost entirely online now.

As the quarantine lifts and people start going out more again, those newly built online video consumption and shopping habits (or further deepened habits) won’t just disappear. They will carry on. 


Abe Disu

Sales, Vyrill Inc.

Vyrill is a user-generated video content (UGVC) discovery, analytics, licensing and content marketing platform powered by our proprietary AI technology to enable social commerce and product marketing.

Vyrill has trained machines to watch millions of videos on social media and web, and videos captured directly from customers to help brand marketers increase revenue and find new customers by leveraging user generated video such as video reviews, feedback, unboxing, how to videos etc for insights, demand-generation, licensing and content marketing.

With 70% more growth in video content and 50% to 500% growth in online sales in some categories due to Covid and with over 85% of consumers mentioning that videos influence their purchase decisions, user generated video has become essential to grow brand revenue and growth. Vyrill is developing the industry’s first video ranking and video reviewing system for commerce.

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