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Dropbox Integration (Press Release)

November 12, 2020 9:25 am

Contact: Ajay Bam 

Email: ajay@vyrill.com


New integration connects Dropbox videos to Vyrill dashboard for deep AI analytics.

November 2020, San Francisco, CA – Vyrill, a Google for video, allowing businesses, video creators, and influencers to seamlessly share video content between the Dropbox cloud storage platform and the Vyrill video analytics dashboard. This offers 3 benefits to our brand/retailer customers, creators, and partners.

  1. Creators will now be able to upload video content directly from their phone or desktop via their Dropbox account for Vyrill campaigns. A social media account is NOT required to share video content. This opens up Vyrill tools to all creators, who prefer to share videos directly or privately with brand marketers.

  2. Brand marketers will now be able to run campaigns directly with customers via email to capture video and collect all their videos in one folder, where it will be indexed and analyzed to be leveraged for product marketing.

  3. Vyrill can index and analyze a video in any Dropbox folder for:
    • Sentiment
    • Topic
    • Scenes (Environment)
    • Demographics
    • Diversity
    • Brand safety
    • Keywords 

Vyrill ~ a ‘Google’ for video has trained machines to capture, watch, and understand millions of videos across the web, mobile and social, for insights, licensing demand-generation, and content marketing. Vyrill is developing the industry’s first online video review system for commerce. Voted top ‘cool’ video analytics & licensing vendor by Forrester Research & Gartner Research (Fall 2020).

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