Our Story

With 500 hours of video content created per minute across social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Vine, etc., staying on top of all product videos from fans, experts, press and brands presents a tough challenge for digital marketing teams selling multiple products. Without video aggregation and analysis, remediation is nearly impossible.

Vyrill is a video-centric intelligence and marketing platform for consumer brands. We offer digital marketing teams a one-stop dashboard to manage videos by product ID across multiple platforms, products, and languages, gaining insights on consumer engagement while tracking competition.

Vyrill offers automated marketing tools and an API to promote video content on social media and product pages to facilitate the customer journey from product research to purchase decisions with ‘Buy Now’ buttons. Vyrill was founded at the U.C.Berkeley Skydeck incubator by scientists and serial entrepreneurs. Vyrill is backed by top faculty members in machine learning and video research from U.C.Berkeley.

Vyrill is currently in beta mode.



Vyrill’s success comes from the diverse and dynamic team that shares a passion for video content and causing disruptive change in the video marketing industry. If you’re an energetic, creative, and innovative individual looking to make a serious impact in a fast-growing start-up, then Vyrill is perfect for you.