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By Vyrill

Notifications by Vyrill is an introduction to Vyrill’s advanced video analytics & content marketing platform powered by our proprietary AI technology.

With Notifications, you can add and track up to 3 of your brand’s products and 2 competitor products on the Vyrill dashboard.

With this user-generated video content platform, you will get

  • Daily email summary alerts in your inbox of your account activity
  • Know more than just likes/dislikes with Sentiment analysis
  • Influencer data, including contact information
  • Full suite of the demographic information (age, ethnicity & gender) for people featured in the video
  • Identify authentic influencers to add/inform your influencer campaign
Start your free 2 week trial now Key Benefits
Start your free 2 week trial now
2 Week Free Trial.
No Credit Card Required.
Key Benefits
Vyrill is a powerful AI driven video analytics and content marketing platform powered by our patented technology. Notifications™ is the easy way to get started today.
Stay on top of UGVC

Identify new videos

Actively engage with your consumers when they post to build PR

Monitor Competition

Know what consumers are saying about your competition to apply those learning and best practices into your own communication and product strategy

Understand your consumers

Identify new target audiences

Know what consumers 
want and expect from 
your brand

Optimize your 
marketing efforts

Identify new micro and macro influencers 
who are already talking about your brand

Identify new messaging to use in your marketing efforts

Less time hunting for information 
and more time acting on it

Spend less time and money manually sorting & analyzing videos, and more time taking action

Optimize creatives, refine marketing plans, and obtain data points for product and customer service development