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The Details

Functionally, Vyrill’s artificial intelligence tool analyzes moving images, audio and text data from videos to discern insights. Vyrill helps brands filter out the noise and harness the great content through the video intelligence tool.  Specifically, Vyrill helps sort and identify 1) top video content 2) video creators including demographic data 3) video performance across platforms  4) category and competitor benchmarking 5) trends 6) language 7) scenes and settings  8) topics 9) sentiment, 10) tone  & 11) geography data by product, category, brands and competition. Vyrill scores the video for brand safety and diversity. Vyrill ties brand safe user generated video content such as reviews, testimonials automatically to product pages on sites like Amazon to drive product conversion.

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We created the LAB SITE to showcase new ways of introducing products to customers with videos.

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