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Our Story

Vyrill was founded by Ajay Bam and Dr. Barbara Rosario, who understood after extensive conversations with brand marketers that they were struggling with understanding massive user generated video content on social media and web. Brand marketers were looking for ways to understand, who is posting video content, where and when, and what customers are saying about their products and brands inside videos. Marketers were also looking for ways to find competitor data and insights. Might there be a way to sort through all the video content to leverage product reviews for product marketing or understand customer frustrations, and be able to take specific actions?

Ajay has been studying in-store and online shopping behavior for over 13+ years, while Dr. Barbara is an expert in artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing. The founders met at U.C.Berkeley, where they founded the company out of U.C.Berkeley’s Skydeck Incubator. Vyrill’s mission is to help brand marketers find the best organic user generated video content and leverage the same for product marketing.

The Team

Our team is proudly based out of San Francisco, CA.

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In The News

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