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Videos, Realized

User Generated Video Intelligence For Product Marketing

Why are videos important to your brand?

78% more likely to purchase when brands have a video on product page.
500+ hours of video content are created per minute on social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, Vine, etc.
80% of millennials find videos helpful during initial research for a purchase decision.

Drive Your Sales

Our product video aggregation and analysis tools will help you effectively engage with your audience and boost your sales.

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a video speaks a thousand emotions. Build a deeper emotional connection with your audience with video-centric engagement.


video clicks and engagement by social media platform to better invest your video marketing spend.


with your audience to effectively drive brand and product impressions, increase virality, and boost your sales.


your top video influencers to engage with them for enhanced product marketing.

Our Product

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  • Discover and track your product video content from fans, experts, and the press.
  • Oversee all of your product videos by platform, country, language, and product ID.
  • Discover the best video marketing news for your brand.
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  • Learn and analyze critical data about your competition.
  • Discover influencers in your industry and develop constructive partnerships.
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  • Use video research to effectively build social media campaigns.
  • Take advantage of our API by adding any video onto your website.
  • Collect crucial customer reviews and testimonials.

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