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    Discover, Show & Grow Fans

    Leverage the power of authentic
    user-generated video content

    With deep AI-driven, In-Video Search, Analytics,
    Licensing and Campaign Management

    Browse fan videos

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    We’ve trained machines to watch & listen to millions of
    videos online so you don’t have to.


    We have captured, ranked, rated and analyzed over 250K+ creator profiles and more than 3M+ videos in our data-base so you can access them quickly.

    Customize your queries with AI-driven insights by brand, product, hashtag, creator or competitor.


    Discover trending videos and creators, then sort by any combination of variables to find actionable insights.

    Find new affiliates to partner with and feature fan videos throughout the buyer journey to build trust, show social proof and influence buyer purchase decisions.


    All-in-one service for licensing existing and new content. Manage video contests, shout-outs and call-for-review campaigns.

    A powerful tool designed for brand marketers of any experience level.


    Fan Video Discovery, Capture & Insights
    • Save time by searching inside videos instantaneously
    • Easily tap into emerging trends, people, topics & events
    • Quickly interpret video conversations for brand safety management
    Discovery & Analysis
    Rank, Rate & Understand Your Creators & Videos
    • Connect easily with creators with similar brand voice, style or vertical
    • Instant access to real-time trends and trending content for your brand
    • Gain a competitive edge by understanding your competitor's fan voice
    Browse fan videos
    Licensing & Campaign Management
    • Easy affiliate & content marketing campaigns
    • Enhance touch-free shopping experience
    • Engage browsers & reduce cart abandonment
    • Increase brand awareness, reach & resonance
    Launch Campaign
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    Interested in learning more?

    We would love to give you a demo.
    Please fill out this contact form.

      Features Comparison Chart
      • Automatically match user videos to products, category & brand.
      • Trends discovery.
      • Sentiment, topic, scene, emotions and creator insights.
      • Find and track competitor video data and insights.
      • Content licensing
      • Discover brand safe content for product marketing.
      • Cross platform - supporting youtube, vimeo, instagram (coming soon.)
      Comparison Chart
      Innovative Core Technology
      Smart technology that watches, listens and reports in 8+ dimensions

      The Benefits

      Always know. Receive alerts when consumers posts videos about your brand in real-time, so you can choose to how to respond. Know which content is likely to trend or is trending.

      Deepest data set. Vyrill reports against the seven core UGC Video metrics so you to make decisions out of confidence: sentiment, topic, scene, demographic, influencer, diversity, data

      True sentiment analytics. Only from Vyrill all UGC video content is scored for positive & negative sentiment. Vyrill’s clients use these insights to optimize creative, identify new influencers, obtain data points for product development.

      Content licensing. Whether it is discovering an amazing unboxing video, an authentic influencer, a consumer giving a great product demo our clients use the platform to license this content for their website and marketing efforts.

      Monitor your competition. All the same deep insights and metrics you get for your brands but for your competition. Now you are able to monitor in real-time what consumers are saying about your competition and apply those learnings into your own communication and product strategy.

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