How To Read the Vyrill Topic Reports

September 3, 2020 4:03 pm


Vyrill Topics Report 


In this report,  Vyrill is showing the popularity of the topic by the number of videos.  A video may have one or multiple topics. 

The topics data is useful in the following ways.

1. Mentions - More mentions of topics in the video means the topics are more popular for a collection of videos by product/keywords.

2. Popular/Trending - If topics have zero videos or mentions, then the topic is not popular or if the product was launched recently, then a video featuring has not happened yet.

3. New Campaign Ideas - If you are thinking of developing marketing campaigns, you could think of developing campaigns around missing topics.

4. New Content Strategies - If multiple topics are popular,  then marketing teams should consider building a content marketing strategy that encomposes those topics to give different perspectives about the product/brand.

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